Friday, April 22, 2016

in the middle of an earthquake

It has been a week full of earthquakes here in Beppu, Oita. The biggest earthquake happened last week on Saturday, resulting in students fleeing to their hometowns the next day and APU cancelling school for a week. Don't know if I should be happy cause I have the time to finish all these homeworks and tasks in peace, or I should cringe at all make-up classes on Saturday. Either way, I'm thankful that now I'm safe and sound here in my lovely dorm, AP House. Able to do basic human things; breathing, eating, sleeping. Which are what I've been doing this past week (other than doing homework and spending my money on a nabehodai last Wednesday which makes me don't wanna go downtown at least in two weeks)

School hasn't even been on a full swing after spring break, only a week of school and then we have another full week of break! God is good!

Although my local exchange trip to Hiji town is cancelled... They move it to June 5th. Hope everything will go as planned this time onward. I'm really looking forward to make and eat fancy sushi!

And now, people, here I am, still jobless and still looking for a part time job. I had an interview with a hotel two weeks ago and I had a position already! They said they were going to call me the next Wednesday, which they did not. I called them on Thursday asking why, and they told me to wait further. Ok.. I was waiting... Then on Saturday the biggest earthquake in Japan after Fukushima tsunami in 2011 happened in Kumamoto, which is only one hour away from where I live. Resulting in only 300 guests left in the hotel that supposed to accommodate over 3000 guests. That also makes Nadya and Yun who work in one of the restaurants there temporarily on a break... Because apparently they don't need a lot of restaurants open with only 300 guests left. WHICH makes me even more pessimistic they would hire me anytime soon... And that is a bad news, I told ya. I need to earn money soon for all my summer plans.

Anyhow, I'm here, safe and sound, and truly thankful for all the circumstances happening right now in my life. And for loved ones who makes this life of mine meaningful. And for my readers who are curious enough about what is happening in my life right now.

I love you, nonetheless. Have a good life, peeps! Ciao!

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