Saturday, February 20, 2016


When you know what you know but are too afraid to think about. You are young and have the world ahead of you. Still a nobody, trying to figure out your way and your footing. Demo... You have this feeling. The feeling before you weep and a thought flash in your mind that you just know.

Know what?

That, my friend, 私もわからない。


Saturday, February 13, 2016



ホストファミリに伺って、浅草寺お寺へいらっしゃいました。お母さん、かずくん、 もちゃんもきました。仕事をあったので、お父さんはいらっしゃいませんでした。




Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Charming Kumamoto

I have been loving history since forever, and in the end of last year when I saw an announcement in campus terminal to tour Kumamoto for free, wouldn't missed it for the world! Kumamoto is located in the southern of Kyushu island, famous for its history dating far back in Edo period. The city is now aiming to attract foreign visitors with its historic culture, agriculture and cuisine. 

I went to an exhibition in the heart of Kumamoto city which purpose was to showcase the potentials of Kumamoto. Basically they surveyed which products foreigners liked, that's why each booth gave us tons of free samples. I was full before lunch time! It was so fun interacting with Kumamoto locals and learning their marketing strategy :) 

Then they took us to the city's shopping arcade. Nothing special there, just another big lane full of shops. I went to a book store, trying my luck to find English books. Nope, no English novels. They are all in Japanese and I didn't want to spend money on Japanese novels --yet. I have a Japanese children novel in my room and haven't had the ability to understand even one page. Soon though, I hope :) 

The last destination of the tour was the highlight of the day, which was Kumamoto Castle!! The castle was HUGE and the stories behind each constructions are so interesting! While they reconstructed the building due to it burned during a war some hundreds years ago, there are still some original pieces inside the buildings. I particularly like the Dark Tunnel. It was a tunnel with about 100 metres long, maybe less. Not that long to hold a battalion, but in the past there wasn't any light inside the tunnel. They made it so two enemies who tried to attack the castle would fought each other without knowing that its not the target they were looking for. Nice trick.

I love how charming the city of Kumamoto is! The city is more alive than Beppu. They even have trams! Trams! I wished we had more time to explore the city. I will surely be back to Kumamoto some time in the future! I want to try its onsen, along with Kagoshima onsen. The onsens are soooooo pretty! At least what I saw in the brochures, their onsens are inside a forest. Fingers crossed this summer I got the chance to travel around southern Kyushu area. If so, wouldn't miss Kumamoto for sure!

The group with our travel guide, Tomi-san. He travels the world to keep the youth spirit inside him!

Walls of rock. Remind me of Borobudur.

The castle creeping behind

the castle behind us!

Entrance gate to enter the castle

Downtown Kumamoto seen from the attic of the castle

A room inside the castle where the shogun (knight) stayed. This room is usually not for public, but we got lucky they opened this for a month, only this February.
Me in front of kanjis :)
This post is sponsored by Higo Bank, Kumamoto. February 2016.