Thursday, September 10, 2015

Depart Soon #2

As the second week of September unravels, so soon comes the day I leave for uni. Bags are almost packed, places visited, documents ready, close friends met. While there was high voltage electricity sizzled within me on days leading up to my departure to America, it's quite the opposite now. I suppose it is because I've been there done that farewell-wise, or Japan is not that far from Indonesia psychologically speaking.

Too often I caught myself staring at frangipanis outside my window upstairs. How even in this drought when most plants are dry and brown, they are still blooming pinkish tight around each others. They look like bouquets viewed from above. Or how the look-alike banyan tree with its hanging branch is there in the corner of backyard, watching. Whilst I'm trying to internalized how the sight makes me feel, in hopes the memory would give me warmth once I'm away.

This place gives me serenity which I long for. Some guests might found it a little too... 'in harmony with the other world' for their tastes, which most probably because they are not used to the flowing energy this place has.  Sometimes I get a little scared, too. But they have never lived here and felt how Depok could somewhat be pretty when you could look from above, past the river and all the buildings. In the past, Salak mountain was visible from my window in the morning when the air clears. Few years ago an apartment built right in the middle of my mountain view. Albeit it sucks, still...

Depok has been my home since I was born. Went to all stages of k-12 here in its public schools.

I'm babbling now. What am I talking about?

It's almost 1 am and I'm wide awake. Hey, finally! I used to do this, but lately I haven't written much.


A week before my departure, readers. Or lack thereof. Like the song from pitch perfect says, you're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

By the way, this is the second part of Depart Soon series (my blog is my disguised wish-granting factory... Or at least a girl can dream). Hope to write another Depart Soon post, hopefully it'd be to another exciting country (amen).