Tuesday, July 14, 2015

a pixie underneath frangipanis

When a gust of June wind blows on a supposedly fine morning, she doesn't have much choice other than hold on tight to the firm branch. She knows all along this will come sooner or later. It has been so long since something shakes her surrounding. It has been a calm smooth year for her.

Mastering the garden is a piece of cake; expected it long before her arrival. Her lithe, slender figure and lively personality are the perfect combination to open the key. Key to a not-so-new world. She figured how to play the game with Chile and Cassa, well-informed on how to gain respect from the wild Lime gang, familiarised with how the landlord works around here. They are fond of her, praise her even.

All in all, she knows which button to push.

She lives in the shades most of them adores. Colorful frangipanis with fragrance that make people come to a halt. Some are mesmerised, some are jealous. Some doesn't care, though they pay attention still.

Little do they know what is there behind the shades. Underneath the petal where she lays on a nook with her companions, observing everything. Outer look can be deceiving, they know very well.

Time goes by, she knows it is up to something. Wind forewarns her. She relies on that particular helpful friend all this time and she trusts her.

When twilight falls, someone is coming. Hesitated knocks at first, as if not quite sure how to reach out to her. Although the branch shakes mildly, it is enough to make one or two flowers fall onto the grass. "They have been blooming for some time anyway," she whispers to herself.

The next day, the knocks come again. Surer this time, as though indicated that some things are figured out. Then the next day and the next and the next, it keeps coming regularly. Surer and stronger.

Wind forewarned her. She knew all along this was coming.