Friday, January 30, 2015

Marketing Day 2015

For the sake of it, another fun, awesome thing from high school that happened yesterday.

A bunch of goofballs in Firefox's kind of Hell's Kitchen

My team! With a couple of satisfied customers :')

We sold ice cream oreos, brownies oreos,  es kopyor and smores! The kids were excited watching the process of making smores. It was hard to sell the already-made smores, though. They didn't look that appealing.

Alumnus who came and (forced to) buy my smores hahaha

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Explore Singapore

Last weekend, I got to travel to Singapore with my sister for one heck of an experience! As I mentioned in the previous post, I challenged myself to go to an international conference for the first time, and it was Yale-NUS Asia Pacific MUN 2015.

I was in Press Corps and the delegate of New York Times. What I liked about Press in YNCAP was that they divided the delegates into six agencies. So I was with five other delegates in NY Times and we worked as a team. We took turns to be the editor of the day and edited all articles produced by NY Times. It must be my lucky star because I got paired with some of the best people out there. Asykin and Sophie from Singapore, Mahathi from India and Sid from around-the-globe. He was a third-culture kid, moving from one end of the world to the other throughout his life.

Not gonna lie though, the day was stretched endlessly and the councils were so long. Especially on second day when the conference started at 9 in the morning and ended at 10 in the evening. I was beat up. Plus we all in Press Corps had to write articles about the councils that day (obviously), so I'm sure all of us were like walking zombies the next day. But all of those things paid off in……………. *jeng jeng*

After party!!!

Hahaha. It was so fun and fancy-schmancy. We had gala dinner in Resorts World Sentosa and an interactive talk with Singapore's minister of foreign affair. They announced awards, too, and Sophie was the best delegate! Woo hop go Sophie! She deserved it more than anyone, and I know it because I've worked with her for those three days. AANNDD, New York Times got the best agency award!! Whoop whoop! It was such an honour working with those guys. I've learned a lot from them :-)

our Secretary General, Jared Yeo


me and Kabir from India, covering NATO-SCO council

Had a very interesting conversation with the delegates of Tunisia and Comoros about their plan to take over the world. Yeah.

Aaaand these are the awardees (is that even a word?) from Press Corps!

it was great getting to know these two beautiful, amazing ladies; Asykin from Singapore and Shenali from Sri Lanka

Welcome to NUS!

fun quotes along the wall close to my hostel
So, for three days I was in the conference, my sister explored Singapore all by herself, with a note to spare museums because that was where I wanted to go on our last day in Singapore! It was her first experience going abroad and she had a great time. I think the fact that she could go anywhere in a foreign land by herself made it so exciting and sounded adventurous. Even more adventurous on the second day when I forgot to give her money and she had so little of it. Good thing she is one kick-ass girl who needed nothing but train card and camera… And off she went with the world on her hands.

Last day in Singapore began with strolling around Clarke Quay with Babot, another Smansa student who joined this conference. There was two of us from Smansa. But it was a very short stroll for him because he had to catch a flight at noon. Thank God I got a whole day to explore Singapore before my flight back home in the evening, experience first hand what previously just seen from the bus window.

morning light

After Babot left, me and Adek continued our stroll. We intended to go to Merlion Park, but it was under construction and the statue was blanketed all over its body we couldn't see a thang. So we were just kind of wandered off until we had to get back to our hostel to check out.

pretty doves by Clarke Quay

Local kids. Such a fun statues

the famous Marina Bay Sands

Bustling city

On our way, we watched these things by the riverbank. Adek thought they were komodos… Yeah, like komodos swim in the water enjoying sunshine by the river in Singapore.

We had brunch in Little India. I've been craving naan but there wasn't any. I had pratas instead, they are kinda alike. It was gooooddd. We ordered chicken marsala and briyani rice, because my mom often cooked chicken marsala back in the USA. But the taste was just… Too much. Just like Indian food, rich of spice. Too rich for my tongue. Although we shared, we couldn't finish it. So we had left over for snack :-) It was good though.

The plan was going to Singapore National Museum, but we ended up in Singapore Art Museum, a block away. It was just impossible to visit museum in a short time. I wished we had more hours to explore museums in Singapore, they were just fascinating. There is something fascinating and terribly romantic about museums. For me, the best way to dive in and get to know a place deeper is by visiting its local museums. The best museums I've visited so far is The Field Museum in Chicago and Crazy Horse Museum in South Dakota. They were… stunning. Different kind of stunning, but stunning all the same. I promised myself to go back, especially The Field Museum, and explore more. Someday.

very pretty hall

isn't everyone?

Mine and Adek's feet on beautiful floor. Once I saw the tiles, I was like, wow. Those tiles must be from tegel Koentji in Central Java. Only from that factory do beautiful, antique, unique tiles produced. 

my kick-ass Adek

Medusa; vagina; clouds; beast; doa yaa

a step you can't take back

The story of this art piece is about a wolf who saw a knife covered in blood on a snow tundra. The wolf licked the blood off the blade, then became greedy and kept licking. Unaware that now, the blood came from its tongue, and not long after that, its tongue cut and fell out of its mouth. 

So lucky I got the opportunity to experience such an amazing adventure! Now back to the Senior  Life of Indonesian High School Kids :-)

photo source: YNCAP Facebook Page & Adek Raras

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Campus Goes To Smansa 2015

Campus Goes To Smansa itu acara tahunan pembuka AKSI yang di gelar oleh alumni Smansa yang baru lulus untuk adik-adik kelas 12 dengan tujuan pencerahan tentang kuliah. CGTS kemarin lebih ke haha hihi sama temen-temen 35 kalo buat gue :)) Hal terfavorite tentang CGTS pastinya dekor-dekor tiap kelas! Jadi setelah presentasi, kampus-kampus bikin stand di kelas-kelas yang di bagi berdasarkan rumpun bidang studi. Seru banget!

Welcome to CGTS!


The next SBM '18

Be what you wanna be

Untuk Tuhan, Bangsa dan Almamater

Management UGM

Pas H-2 CGTS, xevy jalan ke Jakarta. Karena gue harus sekolah terus ada placement test untuk kursus IELTS di ialf, jaadi bisa nyusulnya sore ke Grand Indonesia. Mau masukin foto-foto xevy, tapi sialnya ada di hape yang keesokan harinya menghilang -___- ganti hape untuk ketiga kalinya di kelas 12, dan pas banget 6 bulan gue sekolah. OMG hape ilang tiap dua bulan :@

Btw, satu-satunya foto dari jalan bareng xevy yang gue punya itu foto bareng Adhita yang gue screenshot. Jadi kan selesai tes di Kuningan, gue langsung naik busway ke Tosari. Awalnya inget kalo gue harus bawa jaket, terus udah bilang dek Raras mau pinjem jaket yang dia bawa, sebelum kita berpisah karena dia gamau jadi nyamuk di acara xevy. Eehh ga inget sama sekali tentang jaket sampe depan pintu GI pas gue di tegur satpamnya ga boleh masuk karena masih pake seragam SMA -__-

Akhirnya telpon Izmi minta bawain jaket, terus gue nunggu di lobby sampe Izmi dan Nindy dateng lari-lari suruh cepetan karena filmnya udah mau mulai. Terus dibawain sweatshirt manajemen UGM dengan pesan sponsor 'supaya Ninis gamasuk SBM ITB' -Adhita qtd. Izmi. Hahahahah seneng banget bisa kumpul lagi sama xevy ❤ 

Sesi cerita-cerita banyaknya dilakuin di kereta dari Sudirman-Depok Baru yang (harusnya) lama tapi terasa (terlalu) cepat 

Anyway I'm just so lucky that I know in the future, when I look back to my high school memories, I know I'll have a hell of a story. Things that made me laugh then, could make me weep now just from remembering. Things that made me weep then, could make me laugh now, and got me wondered how I could be so stupid. 

Oh well, I got about three months of high school left. Have I told you that (again) I'm so lucky to be surrounded by people at my new class? And friends at Bimbel that make it so fun. And friends at my study group that make studying on weekend is the thing I look forward. 

The best thing about today? I aced in accounting test!!! Isn't that sweet? :)