Sunday, October 5, 2014


Before I went to the MUN event in University of Indonesia last Friday, I opened Facebook after a very long time. I got several messages, one of them was from Natalie. She was my speech teammate back in Lakeville South last winter. The first thing she said was, 'I'm sorry we haven't stayed in touch!' and then something knocked me off.

Gosh, I've been so involved with myself and school that I just haven't stayed in touch with anyone back home in USA. I haven't even been in touch with my family for like two or three weeks! I replied Natalie's message then sent messages for Dad and Marijke. I had the plan to send messages to my family, Marijke, Sydney, Alexa, Sheridan, Joey, Maria, Claire, Kaitlyn, and all friends I'm close to, but it stayed on the back of my mind; until I read Natalie's Facebook message.

It's Saturday, 30 minutes to midnight. I just opened my email and found out Dad replied me twenty minutes after I sent him the email yesterday, asked if I could Skyped Mom. Natalie replied me back as well and she is not in a good condition. I know her struggle and I wish she will be better soon. She is one of the strongest person I know.

Then I started to trace the photos on my iPad. All the photos back in USA were there. And the bottled up feeling was like bubbling… shh shh shh. I'm feeling like something flutters on my chest, and something churns on my stomach.

I could almost feel the fall breeze on my face. The air turns cooler and cooler by day. The crushed dry leaves under my feet as I walked down the path by the lake.

I remembered, I used to be homesick as well by this time last year.

Then two tears slid down my face. Now everything that reminds of home in the other part of the world could burst me into tears.