Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day

It was sooooo sweet! I love spirit day so much!!! People wore red or pink and flowers/chocolates everywhere. In journalism class, we did like in elementary school, people made their boxes and valentines cards for each student. It was sooo fun!!! I got lots of valentine cards, candies, chocolates, etc.

There was also Singing Valentine, we can request choir to sing for certain person for $3 or $5 with chocolate. There were two Singing Valentine in my first hour. It was sooooo cuteeeee. So the choir came to our class, call the person's name, and the person had to sit in front of the class. The choir circled her/him while singing, and they were like touching your hair, your face, and it was sooooo funny.

On my second hour, there was Singing Valentine coming, and guess who was the person??? Me!!!!! I was like... 'Really? From who??' Then I sat in front of the class, wore the angel halo they gave me and they started to sing. It was sooo cute! I was smiling from ear to ear and the other student was smiling, too, watching me. It's always been a fun part in the middle of boring hour. They gave me chocolate too, and a sheet the requester filled. The requester didn't write his/her name! So I didn't know who was it. I tried to figure out from the hand writing, but it's hard! I thought it was Ia, and at the same time Ia texted me saying happy valentine. But it wasn't her! I was so happy, though, it was soooo cute and the highlight of my day.

 I came home and I found a love-shaped cookie and a letter from mom and dad. I was crying when I read the letter. All my siblings got a heart-shaped cookie and a letter, too, but they are too little, they didn't bother to read-_-

Around 7, Kaitlyn, Maddie and Alana picked me up. Kaitlyn invited me to her friend's Valentine's party and I was so excited! The party was in Jackie Chatelaine's house. There were about 20 people there, we were hanging out and mingling together until about 10.30. I stayed awake until about 12.30 downstairs, just browsed internet and chatting with my friends in Indonesia. I went to bed still with my makeup on-___- I didn't want to make any more noise more than what I already did when I opened the garage door.

SO that was my valentines day. Then I was sick over the weekend, stayed home for two days straight. My gums are swollen-.- I can only wish I won't be sick anymore.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Penguntai ronce cinta,

Karena perjalanan ini perjalanan hati... Mengeksplor kemampuan dan kekurangan diri. Merasakan sedihnya frustrasi, dan bayangan-bayangan menghantui. Menangis sampai habis, dengan suara salju ditapak sepatu, dan angin yang sangat dingin membuat bulir-bulir itu pergi.

Ada rasa rindu akan dahulu, ada juga rasa yang belum puas akan pencapaian saat ini. Ada rasa yang mengingatkan, momen ini hanya sekali, dan tak kan terulang kembali. Tapi sudut lain memutar kenangan-kenangan indah yang terjadi di tempat berbeda, di ruang waktu yang berbeda pula.

Memang tidak mudah, tapi akan menjadi sesuatu yang berharga. Toh mutiara didapat dari keberanian menyelam ke lautan dalam.

Untuk para pejuang yang sedang menguntai ronce cinta, kita harapan Nusantara.

"Kita sepakat bila rasa yang sesungguhnya tak mudah didapat. Perlu ada pengorbanan... Perlu ada perjuangan..." -Asmara Nusantara

Friday, February 7, 2014

Salah Sangka

Jadi ceritanya minggu ini berjalan sangat cepat, sekaligus lama. Perasaan pas hari senin, ga sabar pingin pulang dan tidur. Walaupun gabisa cepet pulang juga, karena ada speech practice. Ehhhh, abis itu, nyadar-nyadar, sekarang hari kamis aja. Kemarin kan ada game di Eastview HS, terus pas di perjalanan pulang ke Lakeville, Maria nanya, "What day is today?"

N: "Tuesday"
M: "No, it can't be. Today must be Thursday because the next day is Paige's birthday"
N: "No, today is Tuesday"

Pas Maria liat hapenya, yesterday was Wednesday. Ga ada yang bener-_-

Terus sekarang lagi di kelas Creative Writing. Ini kelas emang di computer lab, jadinya bisa blogging sekalian wkwkwk. Jadi kan gue masuk ke lab, terus pas gue liat, ada yang duduk di barisan komputer paling kanan. Pas gue liat lagi, ternyata itu Allison! Allison itu temen sebelah gue di lab. Lah gue sebel kan, kenapa ga mau duduk disamping gue lagi? Apa coba salah gue? Perasaan kita ngobrol biasa aja.

Gue duduk terus mikir, gue bakal ajak perempuan yang duduk belakang gue buat duduk bareng gue, atau gue bakal pindah ke sebelah dia. Terus gue mulai deh buka web schoology, ngeliat apa yang harus gue lakuin di kelas hari ini. Disini, kita tinggal buka schoology untuk tau apa yang kelas udah pelajarin, hari ini, and the rest of the week. Jadwal pr, daftar link-link yang ngebantu kita buat ngerjain pr juga ada disitu. Pokoknya praktis banget deh. Terus kan gue suka ngeliatin anak2 di kelas gue. Gasadar, abis itu mata gue jatuh ke matanya Allison dan dia senyum ke gue. Gue senyum balik lah. Ga lama setelah itu, Allison angkat tangan. 

A: "Mrs. Settlemeyer, I have to move, my computer doesn't work"

Pas denger itu, gue yang, 'deg!' Yaampun, dia pindah bukan karena ga suka sama gue. Kok gue negative thinking banget sih-_- Terus jadi ga enak sendiri. 

Abis itu kita harus kerja berkelompok, Jade datengin gue, ngajak sekelompok bareng. Gue bilang, kita bisa sekelompok bertiga sama Allison juga, soalnya gue yakin Allison bakal datengin gue wkwkwk pede banget. Terus Jade balik lagi ke komputenya. Abis gurunya jelasin apa yang harus kita lakuin berkelompok, Allison datengin gue. Dia jelasin kenapa dia pindah komputer, terus gue cerita gue sebel pas liat dia pindah wkwkwk. She was like, 'I was afraid that you would be mad at me'. Yaudah  abis itu kita kerja bareng deh bertiga. Kita harus revisi kerjaannya partner. Tugasnya itu bikin Name Paper, kita bikin tulisan tentang nama kita. How does it tastes, feels, sounds, and poetic words about our names. This is my paper, revised by Allison:

Danistri is a Sanskrit word, full of hope and love. It may be hard to remember at first, but once you remember, you’ll always say it in thirst. It represents a prayer from a mother, who was willing to sacrifice her life like no other. A true love from a father, who taught me to be strong and brave. It’s a word from paradise, singing by Gods and Goddesses who are draped in dazzling dresses. ​

Danistri smells like Bali, an island in my country, Indonesia, well-known as the island of paradise. It smells tropical, like a coconut tree dancing with the wind, or waves slapping the sand in a fine Sunday morning. Danistri means the main. It tastes unique, like no other name people have tasted before. Da-nis-tri. Three syllables that suit me very well. ​

It doesn’t stand alone, it can’t stand alone without my two other name. My full name is Luh Danistri Widyaningrum. Luh is a Balinese name, that every Sudra girls have in their first names. Danistri, my middle name, which means the main. My last name is Widyaningrum, formed from three words: Widya, Hening and Harum. Those are ancient Javanese words. Widya means knowledge or learning, in hope that I will always learn and seek for knowledge. Hening means silence, for Balinese famous for yoga and meditation. Through silence, we can find our inner peace and balance. Harum in English means scent, or fragrant. In Indonesian meaning, it also means well-known. My name is a symbol of hope from my parents. They hope that I will be a main girl that become well-known because of knowledge and peace. It’s a one of a kind name, and belongs to me. No one in this world has name like me, since my parents especially arranged it for me. ​

My name feels like home, sounds like home. My loved ones put my name in their hearts, for they say home is where the heart is.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Once Upon A Time in January

Ninis: do you have economics?
Katelyn: yeah, I have Carlson
Ninis: me too!
Katelyn: he really likes economics. Did he play the video in your class?
Ninis: about the opportunity cost?
Katelyn: yeah! He said that was his favorite economist. I mean, who have favorite economist? Favorite athlete, yea, I have favorite athlete. Favorite economist? Even my dad has favorite president

(Between our laughter)
Joselyn: so there was a boy who was like tracing a girl's hand in the dance class and it was so... awkward
Ninis: o my gosh, in finals, mrs. Matos said about a girl in the past presenting tango and she was dancing with the door. Then she said we could do anything, just make it less.... Sensual
Fernanda: hahahahahhahahahhahahahaha

Dad: tell you dad that your... American dad wants to see the photo

Mr. Ring: *introduced me to mr. Carlson* so this is Ninis, she is a superstar. She likes to talk and she is from Malaysia'
Ninis: 'Indonesia'

Ninis: *talking to katie*
Jami: *from a far* ninis!
Ninis: *looking around*
Jami: ninis!
Ninis: AAAAAAAAA hi jami!!!
Katie: o my gosh that was loud! We were talking about height and you started to scream and I was like 'what?? Why are you screaming we already talked about it before'

age seventeen and eight months

Now I'm in Creative Writing class. It's barely anyone here, there is french class field trips or something that makes most of the class gone. All of my lunchmates are gone! Bzzzzz.

Yaudah, dadaahhh