Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Waiting by the Window

Snow is falling outside, with small small snowflakes that tell me about how cold the it is. The neighborhood covered in white, the pretty landscape that used to be only in movies the local tv showed in holidays.

I'm waiting by the window, waiting for the delivery to come. The tracker told me it's out already in delivery, all the way from Colorado. I'm sitting by the Christmas tree in sitting room, spelling words for Taylor who is trying to write on her journal. She wanted her own journal when she looked at me writing on mine, days before Christmas. She asked mom if she could change her Christmas wish list, from clothes to journal. Of course she couldn't, the presents already packed and ready. I knew that because on Black Friday we bought nooks for each of the kids for Christmas. Mom worked for Christmas presents looongggg before Christmas. And sometimes when Mom closed her bedroom door, I could hear papers and plastics which I assumed she was wrapping the Christmas presents hehehe. If Mom reads this... Hi, Mom! Love you! :)))

Taylor got her journal when we went to the mall of America two days after Christmas. She wrote on it right away after we got it. Then she read it aloud for each of us what she wrote. It reminded me when I got my first journal when I was in first grade, a present from Ibu for my 6th birthday. It was a pink-white diary with lock on it. I wrote about our camping in Pangrango and then read it out loud to my parents and grandparents.

I've been waiting for 2 hours now for the delivery, but it's not here yet. It's okay, after what I've been through, I'm good at waiting... I hope.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

White Christmas

It's Christmas Eve, and it's snowing hard outside. I went to my first church mass ever, wearing dress and freeze my legs off. It's ridiculously cold, but I'm still okay with the cold. I mean, ya it's cold, so wear jacket and walk as fast as you can. It's pretty anyway, with snow everywhere. People said I will hate snow by January, but I don't think so.

Bianca once said, if she lives in US again someday in the future, she won't live in Minnesota because it's too cold. For me, I love the season. Midwest is famous for the season change. You can feel the changing from one season to another season because it's obvious. The very pretty leaves in autumn, the winter wonderland. In Minnesota this year, there wasn't spring. It skipped from winter to summer, but I wish I can feel the spring air next year.

Tomorrow is Christmas already. My first Christmas celebration. I wish Santa will come to the house safely tonight, filling my stocking full and got me lots of presents under the Christmas tree.

I can't believe its Christmas tomorrow.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

'Tis the season! Holiday season! Last day of school!

It's last day of school and ugly sweater day!!! It was SO funn and festive!! People wore their Christmas sweater and the choir went from class to class singing Christmas songs. With $3, we could request them to sing for particular person. It's sooooooo cute! There were kids dressed as Santa Claus, too! In my lunch, there were two Santa clauses. People brought their Christmas presents. I gave wayang bookmarks and batik fans to my friends. I got several presents, too. The unexpected thing was when Cassie came to me in journalism class and said that she got my present but she left it in the counter. It was sooooo sweet of her! It felt like homecoming week all over again. The spirit, the festive, the fun. Oh gosh, I loooovvveeeeee south!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Emotion rush

Tongue is sharper than knife, indeed. As if words were the blade which cut off the dam, and then tears streaming down. Without resistance, without warning.

Today is such an emotional day. Let's say it caused by the thing that every woman got every month. Today is also the first time I ride public transportation in Minneapolis-St. Paul! All by myself! So proud of it. I got lost, of course. Which supposed to be an hour ride turned out to be 2 hours. But that's okay, I got to University of St. Thomas by 10 minutes late for my first ever ThreeSixty editorial board. Hey, there are several firsts today! That's really goooooood. It feels good :)

I was sitting in light rail, feeling light headed after the emotion rush and whatnot. Then suddenly... It reminded me of the feeling I got in the train from Bogor. For Yayasan Bina Antarbudaya chapter Bogor activities. In the last six months before my departure, I went back and forth to Bogor by train. For meetings, the selections, farewell party, meeting this, meeting that, etc. Especially for the briefing before every stage of selection that always done at night. I remembered one night, it was dark, I was still wearing my uniform in the sprinkles rain, just got off the train. I remembered feeling so tired and exhausted and just wanna curled up in my bed and wake up when I got my placement.  

Then I remembered, it was worth it. It was worth every single sweats and tears and every single second of waiting. The bond we got, the laugh and deep feelings we share for each other. The family I got, the best bestest bestestest host family I could hope for. Just like Smansa. It's hard to get Smansa, it's harder to be a Smansa student, and it's even harder... to leave Smansa. I love Smansa with all my being. In the end, it's all worth it.

Then suddenly, the bitter-cold, snowy Minnesota in December, didn't seem so gloomy anymore.