Monday, March 25, 2013

anda kepo?

5 Februari - 25 Maret 2013
laughters, speculations and more laughters. Panic, anticipation and definitely kepo.
wkwkwk such a scene with my loved ones 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

roller coaster. sixteen.

This week turned out to be a roller coaster of emotion. All emotions churned into one drop of liquid and stored deep in my chest. Sometimes there are too much I couldn't bare the feeling. Sometimes things are blended into white and there is nothing at all. Sometimes I want to be with them so bad I couldn't help but being freaking annoying. Sometimes they are just too different from me. Our perspectives collide and there are times when I'm overwhelmed with sadness.

Yet there are times when I feared that this might be things I missed when we were apart. When we go several ways to pursue our paths, treasure our own lives.

The bright side is, I know that life has never been ordinary once I stepped into this high school life.