Saturday, January 22, 2011

Feel the Changes

I'm walking on a bridge named 'youth', placed between two eras, childhood and adulthood, where youngsters live their transition being happy in one place and awkward in another place in one time. Remembered that I'm going on 15 in five months where my journey on the bridge officially begins. 

Broad sea in front of me ready to be sailed, blowing wind and sunshine will help me drive. In five months. Meanwhile, let me just looking at the sky with my sailor hat in the cliff, feel the changes.

Friday, January 21, 2011

jadi gue ganti URL

dari jadi kenapa ganti? ya iseng aja. kenapa midnight plan? karena proyek gue di blog ini (eyaa 'proyek' -_-) kebanyakan gue pikirin menjelang tengah malem sebelum tidur. sambil me-review ulang kejadian seharian di monitor gue (baca: otak) pasti ada aja kata2 yang lewat dari hal tertentu dengan ritme yang pas. jadilah proyek berlabel ekspresi; prosa beserta foto gue yang disesuaikan dengan isi prosanya, and I planned it mostly in midnight :)
I would like to walk on a rainbow path in this gloomy morning. But I often forget, that I am the colorful bright rainbow, although in the gloomiest day

Run Towards the Sun

But I can't
So I'll just stay in the shore, watch the sun rising as it shines me sincerely, instead of me chase it rays