Friday, April 30, 2010


hell yeah... i'm turning 14 in 2 months, and I DONT DO ANYTHING IN MY 2010 RESOLUTION LIST YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fudge! gawsh, it's almost mid-year. where's all the time i spent?? why time runs soooo fast?? i dont want to be oooold. i want to stay young forever!!

next year i'm gonna be a high school student... and now i'm still single. oh yes oh no.

ps : get boyfriend ASAP!!!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

i got this feeling

i want you to look at me like you've never looked at anyone else. i want you to look at me like i have something other girls don't.

you know this puppy love feeling. it comes quickly, and will gone quickly too. and before it disappears, i wanna enjoy this smiley, laughable sensation. not a deep feeling, just interest from one point of him, but pretty cheering me up. brighten my day when i go to school in the morning and know i will catch up with him who, surprisingly, sits behind my back in class, all school-time long. and regret i hardly ever talk to him though he's reachable, literally. sadly in fact that he's so untouchable... and wish i'll change that situation soon!


avec l'amour,

Monday, April 5, 2010

during senior's stress and what happened lately

i had a week off last week because the senior did their national exam (and so did Esti. oh Esti i wish we can meet again in SMAN 28 or 39 when i'm a high school student next year ;)) I had so much fun that week and i'll write what happened since last two friday.

on last two friday, i went to Detos with Nicca and Mila to buy gift for uli's birthday. when we had lunch in Hoka Hoka Bento, we met an annoying old woman who bothered us with her babble. she didnt stop babbling during the meal and gravely nicca paid attention to her! i kicked nicca's leg and tried to give sign, but she ignore me! i tried to talk quickly to nicca while the annoying woman left to ask the waiter, she said 'she keep on talking and i cant ignore her' Oh nicca. how nice are you ;)

on sunday of that week, i went to Uli's birthday party! yeay! the party held in her house.

weird me

came back from uli's party i went to salon. my new hair!!

and a week off began! on monday i went to Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, escort Grandpa because his leg and teeth ill. On Tuesday i had EF. On Wednesday i went to ZOE borrow some books. On Thursday i went to Zia's, my elementary best friend. Zia, Uli, Fita and I watched My Sister's Keeper. i was home earlier than Fita and Uli because i had EF. Huuuu while Fita and Uli in Zia's til 5 o'clock!

but i had soooo much fun in EF with Mira and Yessy. we were getting insane and mad. displayed in front of the class while taking poses like model, mira and yessy made fun on the glass door, showed bizzare faces. and we were teasing this cool teacher from UK. A TEACHER! for god's sake. #Just@EF you know! hihihihi

the next GADIS SAMPUL wakakakak



pada main ketek2an yaampun -____-

lets skip friday and saturday then, because i just stayed at home all day ~.....~

and sunday i watched Alice in Wonderland at Platinum Cinema with my besties, Fita and Tia. we were tutti frutti-ing before the movie begin.
it's more than good if you spend your time with loved ones


and my holiday ended ;(. BUT! from the gossip i heard, i'll have a week off again next week because senior has their school final exams YAYY!!


Luh Danistri

Saturday, April 3, 2010

after all of this boost self-esteem and stuffs...

i cant deny that i'm so much jealous with some friends. it's NORMAL, okay?! in the fact that i'm a teenager with a lot of lack... it seems my special ability (if i have, which means i dont notice it yet) beneath all the weaknesses and lack thing of mine, in my mind. i MUST get my self-actualization soon or this think will kill me. which i know its impossible reckon that i dont have any SPECIAL HOBBY until NOW. but i'll do my best, i promise

that's nia, my mom's middle-school bestfriend's daughter. she's deaf, generical from her mother (mommy's bf) . neither of her parents are normal. her father being deaf because an ill but the deafness doesnt running in his blood which is nia's mother does.

but she never complain about the circumstances. probably in the beginning of her school year after elementary (she has attended an elementary school for deaf people) was tough and difficult. tante wida told me that everybody was avoid to nia. just a few people who wants to be friends with. but what can she does? change the fate of hers? as if she could, maybe she will. but it's her destiny and cannot be changed.

mommy always makes nia as an example for me to be conscious that there are many people who has inadequacy but they are fine with it. i should be self-awareness. i have many choices to be what i want to be. mommy says i'm perfect that shouldnt worry about anything. i know nobody's perfect but that's what truly mothers should tell their daughters HAHA.

just an intermezzo... and a life-story. hope can inspired you!

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