Thursday, December 17, 2009

activity i always miss > EF

     so heyy all. just got back from EF. tadi fadillah sama fikram masa traktir gueeeeeee a&w :D they both paid for my burger. actually they both paid 2 burgers for mira, yessie, esti and me! 1 burger for 2 person. oh so bad you weren't there. it was soooo romantic! (jijik) ahahahaha.
yessie : hoek burger gue terkontaminasi tangannya si mirce. mira : heh tangan gua hygenic tau bekas dicium Aan!

ninis and esti

mirce in action with her ice cream

eyyaa yessie ;p

than we went to ITC for picked up esti's phone after service. kita jadi anak 94h03LzZzZ gitu keliling2 ITC xD

di eskalator. yah si yessie ketutupan rambut gue dah tuh

than we went to mushala bcause Mira wanna pray. Aan told her, or he will get MAD!!

mira : yah, secara he is my husband, so i must to do what he told me

iyyaww mira!! you are still in primary and already has husband??!! XD

okay thats all. and i cant see my ef friend until January 12th because i have trip to bali begin on Monday next week. soooo long time later. oh i'm gonna miss you all soooo much :*


Bestfriends in my life

I have many bestfriend in my life. From kindergarten until now, primary. The only reason I go to school bcos I wanna see my bestfriends. For instance, after final exam is over, before I graduated elementary school, the students just sat on the bench and talked and went home at 11 pm. Just that! boring, I know. But it was became happy because I can meet my bestfriends! We will go to different school and meet just sometimes. So that is our time! Our time to spending most of time with friends.

It is just one of many example I have. And now I wanna introduce my bestfriend from the old til now :

a. Kindergarten

My kindergarten named TK Ceria. My bestfriends are Tania, Dinda and Melissa. But we are LOST CONTACT now! :( I never talk to their since… we are graduated I guess. But I remember when we were in grade 1, I made a little reunion with my kindergarten friends. Cycled around my residence. But there was no Melissa and Tania! Just me, Dinda, Rina, Faris, etc. and when I was in grade 4, once I met Melissa in TK Ceria. Our siblings were celebrated tahun ajaran baru. But we weren’t talk to each other :( and Tania… I never met her. Oh I wish we can reunion and nostalgic our childhood!

b. Elementary

My elementary school named SDN Tugu X. my bestfriend are Fita, Tia and Resti. Our friendship began in grade 5. But resti moved to padang when grade 5 over. So we are just three. in grade 6, fita, tia and me were met other friends and our friendship little crash. Tapi kita bisa satu lagi karena our friendship belongs forever :) and we made a clique > vivasissy.

september 2009

june 2008

When grade 6 over, my friends and I were made a clique named “Ganaz”. The member are ira, fita, tia, alin, nadia, lulu, zia, uli and me. Many people huh? :D we often hang out such as we had lunch in Mang Engking and took a train to Menteng just for caught some cool photo! ;D

when still in elementary, June 2008. at zia's

at Mang Engking, UI. April, 2009

When we were graduated, fita tia and I are still hanging out together like watched Twilight, Laskar Pelangi, or just had lunch in margo and took a walk in UI. I feel the true friends among fita tia and me. I miss you both sooo much! :* dan gue bakal ajak kalian nonton sekuel laskar pelangi, Sang Pemimpi nanti tahun 2010. I cant wait! :)

c. Primary School

My primary school named SMPN 3 Depok or known as Bento. I have many friends in each grade in primary school starts from grade 7 to grade 8

1. Grade 7

The first people I know when I came to Bento include Rizki and Ifa. They are both so fun! We joined English club and went to bogor (just ifa and me bcos ira was sick and rizki had family activity) I love you both soooooooooo much!! :*

ifa and ninis @ Bogor

the old rizki and ninis

In the end of grade 7, i have other bestfriend, Shafira Andriani. She is my partner. Rizki and Ifa have each partner. Rizki’s partner is Ira, my elementary friends. And Ifa’s partner is TC.

ninis&shafira @ grade 7 @ tika's

And in the end of grade 7 too, I have a clique named Choco Chip. But I don’t like that name. so we can call Lovely Chip. The member of Lovely Chip are Shafira, Ifa, TC, Nat, Tika, Winna and me. we still hang out now even we aren’t in the same class again.

lovely chip + ira&alvin @grade 7, april 2009

lovely chip minus winna plus widi @grade 8 celebrated mybday, june 2009

2. Grade 8

My bestfriend in grade 8 only Shafira. She is my classmate again now.

ninis&shafira @grade 8. shafira use jobad bcause its friday. on friday, every muslim in bento must wear jobad for girl

Okay those are my bestfriends in my life going so far. Don’t be tired to read! I know my English is not good but im trying to be a good English writer. See ya in my next post!



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Crazy Moments at 71

Jadiiiiiiii this week is class meeting when all students have free time in school til the bell is ringing. And when that free time, shafira and I were kongkow with our grade 7 best friend, Ifa, TC, Nat and Winna and the others ex-71. I sent our photos and videos from Nat’s phone and I realized tht oh my goooooooooodddddddddd how I miss my grade 7!!!!!! Those photos are soooo memorable. Here are some of photos :

telenovela abezz w/ tika&shafira

shoot! w/ nindi

my clique, lovelychips


putri, ninis, shafira

signs of 71 members. made by me!

down : putri&ome. up : shafira, me, ira

crazy tika and nat!!

Actually there are many pictures of me with the others friend in 71. But I cant upload all of them XD The main thing is. I had so much fun time with you guys!! 71 IS THE BEST CLASS POKOKNYA!!! Hehehe

Keep fighting on your new class guys!



my EF class

soo heyy whats up guys?? im soo bored now and i decided to post my random write about my english course :

1. EF
   EF is english first and that is the coolest place i know now. why the coolest? bcos there are sooo many funny people and i always laughing so hard if i meet my EFreaky class < mira made.
   my teacher in this unit is Miss Jessica. she is local. and still a student! she is studying in University of Indonesia. She is fun and more down to earth then my previous teacher, Miss Anin.

my friend in EF :
Mira : mira sits in front of me. actually she is my schoolmate. but we were never know each other til i came to ef. she is calm, mature, good manner and kind. and she has same hobby with me! yaitu... jeng jeng jeng jrenggg NGACA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahaha. her phone always be her mirror too. just like me. but her phone way easy to mirror-ing :@

Yessie : yessie sits next to mira. considering our class room is a meeting room. so we easy to talk... and screaming. she likes jacob black. if yessie, esti and i are talk about twilight saga, she is the Team Jacob. Esti is the Team Edward. and me is the Team Netral (halah). she is funny. she always laughing in class (gila dong :p)

Rizi : uhh i dont know how to describe her. she is just... fashionista. according to her appearance who always be the spotlight. she got braces, small javanese girl and funny. she is full of story when we're meet (our class is on every tue&thurs. i know its sooo kurang :/) generally she is adorable and little bit childish! haha peace riz. oh ya and rizi sits next to yessie.

Esti : she sits next to rizi. she is super duper tripel ASIK!! we're always screaming and laughing and all whn talking about the twilight saga. she lives near me but i never visit her house :/. someday i will esti! just prepare for the food and the red carpet! ahahaha

Safira : she is the first people i know when i came to EF (yes im a freshman in EF. i just had 2 levels in there) she is kind and everything. we usually talking about famous brand such as crocs, zara, LeSportSac, and all. she is nice but so silent. just speak up saf! :)

Inas : she sits next to me (sometimes). silent in class too and i never like to be in pairs with her. she never works and just saw what i do. but she is nice

Sisil  sisil is my sist's kindergarten bestfriend. i know her soooo long. she is nice too. and since the new level began, TB 3B-1, she never come bcos her exam and retreat and sumthing lyk tht. we wait for you sisil! :)



boys in my class


me and safira

okay, thats all. i think its my time to go to bed. post to you later!


Sunday, December 13, 2009


finally, i watched New Moon! i watched with shafira yesterday in margo city. pretty excited remember that was the first time shafira and i hanging out just us.

acara pertama nonton dulu soalnya waktunya udah mepet banget. acara kedua makan. soalnya shafira belum makan. padahal udah jam 5! ckckck. acara ketiga photo box. akhirnya bisa photo box berdua juga! :D gue pingin nanti pas kelas 9 kita bisa photo box berdua lagi. nanti kan bisa dibandingin.

selesai acaranya, pulang deh. and guess what?? dad picked me up! secara bapak ngga akan mau jemput2 kayak gitu kalau bisa pulang sendiri naik angkot! ehh ternyata eh ternyata. sekalian beli closet buat di mitra 10 buat di proyek -_-

okay, thats all. wait my next post! bubbye! :)


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


w/ shafira ninis

hei blog world! here i am to blogging as often as i can. and i just wanna describe my life now!

  • on the first photo, itu gue sama my primary bestfriend. namanyaa... Shafira Andriani. dia sahabatan sama gue dari akhir2 kelas 7 sampe sekarang kelas 8 (kita sekelas kelas 7 & 8)
  • on the second photo, its me. baru pulang dari kondangan. wikikik. itu lagi di proyek.
oke segitu dulu ya! sebenernya mau kasih gambar lebih banyak. tapi bingung gimana caranya supaya gambar bisa diatas tulisan. bukan melulu diatas page dan gabisa dipindahin. mau trying2 dulu. oke bubbye! :*